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The Magical World of Creative Writing
July 6 to August 10

The Magical World of Creative Writing


With Erin Scofield, Instructor

Students ages 13-17 will explore the world of creative writing, including fiction, poetry, fantasy, and other forms. Students will be encouraged to hone in on their own writing style. They will share their work with others, and take away a stronger sense of community and a passion to further their creativity.

Wed., July 6-Aug. 10   •  5:30-7 p.m.

On campus: Art A 23   •   $155   •   Class #:31209

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Erin Scofield

Erin Scofield

Erin Scofield is a passionate artist and creator with a BA in writing practices from Humboldt State University. With 15 years of ceramic experience, Erin has a deep love for studio art in every form. She currently co-owns and creates for her business, Fig + Honey, which sells everything from ceramic wares to prints and clothing. The time she does not spend writing or investing in differing art forms, Erin spends with animals. She is currently the marketing and media director for Companion Animal Foundation, and sits on its board of directors. She also volunteers for numerous local shelters, rescuing and fostering animals, and facilitating their adoption process. Erin likes to call her home a farm, with five cats, two dogs, a hamster, and an array of chickens and ducks. She is up early making sure they’re all fed, and goes to bed late, giving all her furry friends the cuddles they deserve. Erin has always had a drive for teaching; whether it be for art, writing, animals, cooking, or one of the many things she holds dear. Erin has consistently found herself leaning towards a profession where she can spread awareness and knowledge. She finds herself learning, too, everyday -- searching for deeper understanding in activism through the many pools she dives into. She fights for the rights of all humans and animals alike, supporting the LGBTQ+, BLM, Animal Liberation, Climate Change, and any movement that seeks justice for the underprivileged and under-represented. Erin truly considers herself a jack of all trades, but deep down her passion lies in the art she creates, the writing she imagines, and all the animals whose company she has had the privilege of enjoying.