What’s on Your Bucket List? New show on PBS North Coast

Tracey Barnes-Priestley in front of a stage

OLLI | August 10th, 2018

PBS North Coast is happy to announce its new show for 2019, What’s on Your Bucket List?, which will shine the spotlight on healthy aging and fun! 

Host Tracey Barnes-Priestley will pair with 12 lucky local residents as they explore a thing or a place in Humboldt County that has always intrigued them. Like what, you ask? How about a cooking class? A kayak cruise of Humboldt Bay? Perhaps pampering at a spa? Whatever idea you have, it’s never too late to step out of our comfort zones! 

Why this show? People often respond to the aging process by narrowing their vision, questioning their abilities, and ultimately withdrawing further into themselves. They begin to believe the many negative stereotypes of older people, often buying into the myth that opportunities to explore and experience new activities are limited or even impossible. (Realistically, some people in this age group may be hampered by financial and/or physical limitations. These situations only compound an individual’s belief that he/she cannot explore the world around them. ) 

But life is to be lived ... even if it requires some modifications! That’s where What’s on Your Bucket List? comes in. It’s a show that will certainly poke holes in some myths about aging! 

Care to join Tracey for an adventure of your choosing? Casting is still going on. For an application, write to:
What’s on Your Bucket List - PBS North Coast
P.O. Box 13
Eureka, CA 95502

Or e-mail -- or leave your name and address at (707) 845-8348. (Please speak slowly and clearly. Thank you!)

Come on … What’s on Your Bucket List?