Course at a Glance

May 1 to May 10
Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center

Othello: Drama of a Refugee


Course Description:

Shakespeare wrote Othello during a period when England made cultural, economic and political exchanges with the Islamic world. The Bard's Iago and Othello live today in our perilous time, offering insights on otherness, gender and race-baiting that elicit divisiveness and exploit fears.



Date: 5/1-5/10/2018
Day of week: Tuesday & Thursday
Time: 2-4 p.m.
Cost: $70.00
Course ID: 27101


About the Instructor

Tom Gage

With a Fulbright award as senior scholar in Syria 1983-84, Tom Gage’s interest in the Middle East dates from travels the 1950s. Previously, he taught a class on one of these subjects of this class and is finishing a book based on a series of other OLLI classes dealing with “Queens Marrying North.” Gage has lectured, delivered papers, or been featured speaker at conferences at 16 universities on four continents. He is the author of Glen’s Dialogue on Education: A Caravanserai of Ideas and chapters in books on religion, the arts, terrorism, education, and Steinbeck. During three decades as faculty at HSU, he taught courses in the English, education, and world cultures and languages departments.