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January 30 to March 6
Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center

50 Years of Occupation: A Film Screening & Discussion Series


Course Description:

The Israeli Occupation of the West Bank and Gaza has been going on since 1967. Through a series of six full-length movies by Palestinian and Israeli filmmakers, deepen your understanding of life in the occupied territories. Each film will be followed by a facilitated discussion to help process and provide context.

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Start Date: 1/30/2018
End Date: 3/6/2018
Day of week: Tuesday
Cost: $50.00
Course ID: 27076
David Boyd

David Boyd

David Boyd is a life-long social activist, and has worked as cistrict cirector for the California Conservation Corps and executive director for the Redwood Coast Energy Authority, where he had extensive experience teaching workshops and facilitating group meetings. He is currently chair of both the Temple Beth El K'lal Yisrael Committee and the recently formed J Street Humboldt Chapter.

Robert Rottenberg

Robert Rottenberg

Robert Rottenberg is a retired administrator and educator.