Course at a Glance

March 15
HSU Campus

Graphic Recording


Course Description:

Graphic recording serves meeting participants by writing and drawing their conversation live and large to help them do their work. It's a powerful tool to help people feel heard, develop shared understandings and be able to see their work in real-time.



Start Date: 3/15/2018
End Date: 3/15/2018
Day of week: Thursday
Cost: $175
Course ID: 26681


About the Instructor

Heather Equinoss

Heather Equinoss has 15 years of project management, meeting facilitation and recording, and community engagement experience in public, private, nonprofit and community settings. She specializes in using visual notetaking tools to engage meeting participants, capture the group's wisdom, focus their work, and build agreement about next steps. She has shared her enthusiasm for recording with others since 2009 (